Service Outage on AlphaSat (back up). APAC is still down


it’s very simple:

Fill the IP address (port is 22 by default for SSH) that’s it.
You can save / load those settings later

The biggest challenge usually to find skylark IP address I use Fing on Android for scanning my LAN


Hi zolt,

big help appreciates your fast reply and kind support.



If you have issues to find the IP address. Search for “Advanced IP Scanner” or “Advanced Port Scanner” for Windows on google :wink: Fing for Android as zoltan said is also very nice and easy to use.

But to my Problem. Is there anything I can do? My Chip won’t start after I edited the Files. I also have no file like zoltan said in [quote=“zoltan, post:26, topic:4058”]
open this config file with VI editor:
vi /mnt/conf/etc/skylark_config.json

My actual problem: Service Outage on AlphaSat (back up). APAC is still down


Hi zolt,

Was able to edit the file but after :wq, the file is READ ONLY!

Also I have ERRORS during boot.

Please let me know how to fix all this error.

Thanks and BR.



make sure you are SUDO… so use "sudo vi … "


also the ondd error is benign. you can ignore that…


Hi nbkhwjm,

Pls elaborate, how to use SUDO VI?




sudo vi /mnt/conf/etc/skylark_config.json

when asked for a password, use the password for the “outernet” user.


Any word on the progress for APAC? Is each sat negotiated seoarately?


hi nbkhwjm,

now is ok, was able to edit and saved the file. will try to set the antenna and hope to get a good reception.

Thanks for the support.



hi nbkhwjm,

I’ve read some of your postings and found it worthy of reading.

Can I request to modify the “custom tab” in tuner UI to be able to input any freq and symbol rate without going to sudo vi. I guess its the undone part of this beta version.

Appreciates your kind support.



I dont work for outernet im just a developer hack who had some time on his hands to reverse engineer the thing…

To do what you ask would require a significant change to the tuner application.



This really needs to be sorted out… I think Outernet needs to make some sort of “announcement to shareholders” on the future status of Asia Outernet coverage.




Happy hacking for the benefits of all…




BIG + 1… coming up to one month tomorrow…



Hi Chris,
Now is OK, will play for a while then get back to you guys for my hands on experience.

Thanks BIG thanks…



I have just been through a small typhoon it would have been handy to have had a Outernet receiver working here in the Philippines.


Seriously, TEAM, are we EVER going to get our beam back in APAC?




This is getting serious. My Outernet receiver is sitting sadly.


Is there a way set Skylark on Dreamcatcher to a static ip address. I searched the forums and only found solutions related to chip, latern, and rxos. I use the windows -angry ip scanner- program to find what my router has assigned. but of course this changes on every restart.