Service Outage on AlphaSat (back up). APAC is still down


I wouldnt give it a static address if you have a DHCP system. put in a “Address Reservation” for the DC MAC address in the DHCP config, and it will always give it the same IP. Most if not all DHCP supported routers etc allow this…

The Reason for this are:

  1. you insure you maintain central management of devices (especially headless ones)
  2. you dont have to worry about DHCP issuing a duplicate IP (unless of course you have some out of the pool)



The silence is deafening… not sure I understand why we can’t get a simple status update. If it’s not going to get resolved or is likely to drag on, I’ve got other things I’d like to do with my equipment…


thank you, @nbkhwjm , I only have control of the router DHCP IP Pool, So I have been assigning static numbers that are in the same basic group (ex where the pool is set the first x.x.x.10-to-100 reservations, so I assign numbers above x.x.x.100.

Probably my best work around since my router doesn’t support your “address reservation based on MAC”… maybe a feature for my next router.


I agree.


fair enough… what model router is it?

anyway regarding setting a static IP i dont see a UI setting for it, but it could certainly be done via a user post login script… essentially you change the network config and bounce the interface as the last step in the boot process… it would take some testing to see what side effects that would have on the other network services…

@Abhishek @zoltan @Syed if its supported can you provide the syntax to force static ip in skylark_config.conf?



…back to context (APAC still DOWN!), today marks a new record, my DC has been down, idle, turned off, kaputt, for longer than I had it running, downloading, flashing the pretty coloured lights and providing many joyful moments that brought tears to my eyes… I’m lost.



I was getting ready to run Outernet awareness courses here in the Philippines with donated Outernet receivers . Now there just waiting idle.


Hi Seasalt,
how can I get in touch with you to discuss the current events (or lack thereof) in a more private matter?
[email protected]


I got NEWS and WEATHER… thats it.
Dont expect too much cause thats the specs.
SLOW >> 5 mins download…

thanks Chris for your kind support …


@Seasalt @lmantuno @rack201 I’m sorry that it took so long to reach this confirmation. Unfortunately, the APAC global beam won’t be coming back online. Due to our confidentiality agreement with the operator, I can’t get into details as to why, but I can say that there has not been sufficient market demand to date.

Settings to get the signal from the passive antenna

i used it and really liked the Outernet APAC beam. What can we the users do to get it back?


We basically need a government customer or large organization to underwrite the beam. Although I can’t get into specifics, I’ve mentioned in the past that the price to keep all three beams is a 7-figure annual sum. Yes, really. With millions of receivers, that’s not a large monthly fee. But with just a dozen users in a particular region, it’s difficult.

We have previously had extensive conversations with the Department of Science and Technology of the Philippines government. But after the election, priorities changed. We do have plans on being able to resurrect the service in a much more cost effective manner, but it’s at least three months out.


Hi Seasalt,

well, it looks like we now have a comprehensive answer to all our questions. But, “just a dozen users in a particular region”…? Wow, I didn’t expect that!!!

I wonder whether Syed’s recent proposition to throttle down the beams to 10Mbytes/day would make it cheaper enough to run all three beams again?




I’m disappointed, but it is what it is. The satellite service was never guaranteed, but still a disappointing outcome.


I think throttling down and haveing a world wide service made more sense.


I strongly AGREE throttling down (in bandwidth or power) is an excellent solution. Ken


Ill give a +1 to the throttle down…

stick to text based data if you must… HTML chews up huge space for formatting… it doesn’t do anything to convey information other than being pretty…

  • So run all the stuff through html2text and slam it out…

  • Drop all images from wikipedia, its base64 encoded so its larger than the original size

  • I’ve also seen javascript and CSS as base64… im sure there was a reason, but this is wasteful.

  • Focus on information that is useful (i know thats subjective… but ive talked about this before)



Can you find other viable teaming members? Ken

The Australian Government has shut down its Shortwave radio service at a time of Global Warming induced increase in Tropical Cyclones.

The Australian Government has “NO” low cost warning / information system that can survive a Cyclone / Typhoon other than the now deceased shortwave.

Outernet satellite receiver units with solar panels would be a simple innovative and low cost solution.


Great point Seasalt ! Cyclones (AKA hurricanes, typhoon) affect the northern part of our continent and most of the island nations in the South Pacific Tropical belt and South Asia…

Team, if you haven’t done already so, start lobbing with ACMA (Australian Communications and Media Authority, and/or with the relevant State Governments (Queensland, Northern Territory and Western Australia).
Even our unimaginative pollies and bureaucrats might see the $$$ savings from the adoption of an inexpensive distributed early-warning system… yeah, really…?



One of the most effected groups in Australia regarding “Man Made” climate change is Australia’s traditional Owners who live in many Northern remote parts of Australia.

I believe the Aboriginal and Torres straight Islanders would be more than happy to get involved in this project maybe even setting up training and Installation teams to go out and install the units in remote areas.

The Australian Army also has “Coastwatch” reserve units that sit out on remote islands and watch I am certain they would give a kind ear to solar powered Satellite receivers. being added to there remote communication toolkit.

That is where I woulde be lobbying at government level.