Skylark 4.4 images for Dreamcatcher


I am starting to ‘use’ Skylark… Couple of questions.
1 - Can I bypass the guest signin screen?
2 - Can I hide some of the apps when ‘guest’, like hide Log Viewer, Messages, Network, Preview, Reader, Textpad, Tuner (only the ‘outernet’ user would seem to use these)
3 - Can I disable the save current settings option on signout for guest?
4 - I am not too sure what the search magnifier is searching… Is it file/directory names… It doesn’t seem like a grep.
5 - What’s New – just list files… I can’t seem to view/open them… Maybe I could hide this app also?


I am looking for the documentation on how to write skylark image on sdcard
The existing link does not work (