Skylark 5.3 for Dreamcatcher 3


Does the “back-up” capability include the operating or boot partition? What I mean is, If the primary sd0 card fails or gets corrupted, will the DC look at the second SD slot for a boot? Also, could over-the-air updates arrive and install on the second SD operating system partition, then if successful, perform an update. ?


No. Second SD isn’t supported as the OS source, only for backups. It can’t be used for any critical function like updates as its presence cannot be assumed - I expect most people are using the DC without a second SD.

Also, as the OS on the first sd card is entirely read-only, the OS partition isn’t expected to fail, even if/when the data storage partition fails due to running out of write cycles. The worst that can happen is that the partition that stores the custom configuration also fails, in which case the OS can still come up in default configuration mode.

The bootloader built into the SoC unfortunately does not allow for a failover mode where if first SD fails to boot, it automatically tries the second SD, and obviously, there is no point to implementing this function in software - which exists on the (presumed failed) first SD.

The OTA implementation fortunately doesn’t work on a “partition” basis, so doesn’t need to do any kind of processing on the second sdcard at all. Its designed for a very fail-safe operation. I have not made another attempt at testing OTAs mainly due to there being a lot of higher priority tasks.

edit: oh, also, its tough to use the second SD for any OS-level tasks; It will need to be partitioned/reformatted with something linux-y, and that would destroy anything stored by users on the second SD - like RACHEL files. Without a proper linux-y partition, its not usable for anything except file backups; even in that it causes issues as the the Fat/exFat filesystems don’t support various metadata that enables efficient data backups. They are also very very fragile, and cause early sd-deaths.


I’ll send it to you by e mail. Ken


Audio Status Report

Good quality audio is being received at this time 1216 EST 7 Sep - - Ken



I have not found skipping like before. Has anyone else found skipping?


No, not yet - - no skipping. My audio has been surprisingly stable :grinning:

Another point back on the external storage getting full - - there is a tab in Log Viewer - - System Status that will give your remaining storage


In my situation, I only have 3.5 GB left which will fill in a few months because I have the entire Rachel data base on my 32 GB micro SD card. I’m going to set up a 64 GB micro SD card (FAT32 formatted) with the Rachel data base to get more storage. Ken


64 GB External Storage

A FAT32 formatted 64 GB micro SD card works fine in the Dreamcatcher v3.03 with Skylark 5.3 - -

With the Rachel data base, I have 33.1 GB free for Download storage. Ken

PS As an aside, I cannot get the old Dreamcatcher v3.02Q running Skylark 5.3 to recognize a micro SD card larger than 32 GB in the File Manager although the Log Viewer shows it present, but that’s not an issue - - just an observation. Ken


Sound is so good

The sound is so good, it’s driving my wife crazy talking all the time. :joy:



Do you think you can download/install the rachelpi_64EN_4.0

I haven’t looked to see what extra modules you get in the 64 version.

But I am considering following your lead and trying a 128GB as the second SD card.
they seem be getting cheaper.


Well Jim - - the rachelpi_64EN_4.0 will only load on a Raspberry pi. So you can’t put that on a micro SD Card for the Dreadmcatcher. That said, you’ll need to stick with the for the Dreamcatcher.

I would like more Rachel info, but it’s not there. I’m using a 64 GB FAT32 micro SD card which works fine, and it gives me more space (33.1 GB) for the Othernet DOWNLOADS. Maybe you can add more Rachel modules to it, but I haven’t done that.

A 128GB SD card FAT32 formatted should work, but I haven’t done that yet.

My Dreamcatcher v3.03 with Skylark 5.3 is doing great with a 64 GB SD card - - especially the audio, so start with that on a 128 GB SD card, and see what happens. Ken


I like the audio stream. But…
Can some title of the topic that currently running be displayed?
Or better yet, a schedule of upcoming programs (like a tv-guide)


I step away for a few days and you guys change it up on me! :wink: It appears to be working good, the audio sounds awesome! No skipping detected thus far. I need to look at my 64Gb SD Card, It appears to be locking up the DC. If in the DC, it runs for a little then locks it up.

Also, a reminder for those that want to adjust the audio.

  1. Download PUTTY
  2. Enter the IP address and leave it in SSH
  3. Login with othernet/othernet
  4. type “sudo alsamixer”
  5. Enter “othernet”
  6. arrow over once and use your up/down arrows to adjust the volume


Hi Jason, I couldn’t increase the volume with the mouse over, I think I missed something in what you said :tired_face: Ken



@kenbarbi: as you can see “Left Mixer” is currently “selected”. “arrow over once” meaning press the right arrow key once, to select “Power Ampl”, and then use the up/down arrow keys to increase/decrease volume.


Excellent! Another keeper of an SSH program. Ken


Yep had one full lockup last week and that’s it I’ll have to record and upload a video of what the sound that I’m hearing is I think my ups setup is putting noise on the power line to the dream catcher and that’s what I’m hearing. But so far so good.


With Skylark 5.3, the Audio is much better. You should hear it connected to a stereo amplifier :sunglasses:

There’s lots of promise here for voice, music, special events, news, etc. As Jim @ac8dg, says a guide would be helpful. Also something interesting :wink: to listen to would be nice. Ken


My apologies, was out for the weekend. Here’s the screenshot attached. I’ve gone ahead and blew up the SD card and started from scratch, but oddly still getting this :confused:


Can you try doing a factory reset from the LCD ui and see if this persists?

Also can you please show me the “System Messages” from Log Viewer.


Abhishek has posted my new User Guide for the Dreamcatcher v 3.03 with Skylark 5.3 on the web site.

It is on the WIKI, and also at