Skylark 5.3 for Dreamcatcher 3


do you see a loss of lock on the lcd third panel when using the new power supply?


Found my problem… my data sd (the second sd card) had filled up completely… this crashes skylark


Like in 2001 : A Space Odyssey
HAL says:
“I’m loosing my memory, Dave”
Better said now, “I have no more memory, AC8DG”

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I don’t have any news available from Skylark this morning. Anyone else?


Now seeing today’s feeds…


Higher SNRs


but no new content, and news feeds are still from 12 Oct. Ken



Are you seeing any files complete? What were the last few files that were successfully downloaded?

My test receivers are working fine, with all latest files downloading normally.

Edit: I guessed from the telemetry log that the receiver still reporting “adnan khashoggi” file as being the currently downloading one is yours (adnan khashoggi file went off the carousel two days back). You seem to be receiving packets but somehow the downloads are not progressing. Your rssi is also about 20db lower than normal. Try rebooting the rx. Is audio playing for you?


In contrast with Ken and Jim’s results, when I first opened the news section at around 12:15 EDT on 10/16, there were no files there at all. I first tried logging in again, but received the “bug report screen”, then the news screen. I rebooted, logged in and tried to get the news screen and again got the “bug report screen”, followed by a blank news screen. About an hour later when I looked, it had begun downloading the files for 10/16, and has progressed normally from that point. This morning, I have a full menu of 10/16 and 10/17 news files. The audio was playing throughout all the above on my unit (3.02Q). Jerry


I am now getting good SNR, Rssi, and showing downloads of files/audio after I rebooted my Dreamctcher at 0849 EDT Oct 18. Prior to this reboot, my latest news was from Oct 12 on all RSS feeds. Ken


Today, I opened News and got this bug report and no News. I re-booted Skylark. Same bug. What should I do?

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My Rssi always runs in the -100s due to my LNB being 500 feet away in my antenna farm. At the base of the antenna, I get Rssis in the - 70s. Ken


All OK now. Thanks to whoever fixed it. :grinning:


Could you invest in a RG-6 cable low noise repeater/amplifier to make that 500’ look much shorter to the input of the DC?


Don, I am using low noise cable now without an in line amp. I tried the in line amp awhile ago and it worked fine boosting the Rssi signal, but it had no effect on the SNR. Since I have been virtually 100% on my packets, I left it out.

I have noted since Syed’s modem replacement, SNRs running between -2 and 0 this week. This is about 6 to 9 dB better than before. Have you noticed that in your gear? Ken


By the way, the audio feeds of “old time radio” are great fun. I set my Alsamixer to a gain of -19 (just at the top of the green area). Higher than that causes some audio breakup. The mix of old time radio and VOA news is great.

Abhishek @Abhishek , would it be possible to get a broadcast schedule posted somewhere? They don’t need to list shows, just general block times. Ken


Ken, yes sir. I now see peaks of +7 SNR. And RSSI arround -68. The new modem now is the way to go.

I assume the cable amplifier was right at the LNBF output. And the amp could handle 1450 MHz, the IF maximum of the Maverick LNBF.

Anyhoo, upward and onward for the Othernet! I saw the movie, First Man. See it. A good one.


Actually, the inserted the cable amplifier at the half way point.



I can understand the hassle of trying again with the amp. Get a few inline attenuators, like 2 or 3 dB each. And put the amp maybe a foot after the LNBF output. If the amp has adjustable input gain you don’t need the attenuators. Remotely look at the Skylark Tuner near the dish. That way you may see a loose connector, adjust the amp or whatever to improve the signal.


From the chart, 500’ of this LMR400-75 low loss coax without an amplifier could be at least 20 dB at 1.2 GHz


I’ll try it again. My satellite amplifier designed for FTA usage - - quite adequate for Othernet

If all goes well, I should get another 20 - 30 dB of Rssi. I don’t expect any SNR improvement because the last time I tried it I got the signal increase but no change in SNR. But we’ll see. Ken