Skylark 5.3 for Dreamcatcher 3


Looks like an amp with good specs. Be interested to hear about results.
Good weekend to you Ken


Ken, My words of caution…
while those in-line amps (typical cost $5 to $20) state they boost the signal… their specs say they have a noise factor of 5. The result… yes stronger rf signals, but also stronger rf noise. Since you are decoding 100% of the packets, I think you are asking for problems putting something else in the coax line.

@donde has a better idea for anyone with signal problems… i.e…using very high quality coax. although not inexpensive.


Good morning. This is information only and probably only is useful pertaining to experience. The past three days, I could not keep my DC 3.02Q connected with the satellite. I suspected the router, but it proved to not be the case. I could boot the DC and get logged in, then within a few minutes, both the twinkling LEDs went bright and not twinkling. The screen on the DC indicated that there was a wifi connection with the correct address, but it would not work. This morning when I had more time to investigate, I substituted a new 3A 5v identical adapter for the unit that had been providing power to the DC, and was able to log in and stay connected. It appears that the adapter had suddenly become weak and failed to provide just enough current that if the load changed, it crashed the DC, as when a call for an app on the DC was made, or if the washing machine kicked in (slight dip in the line voltage), the DC crashed. So far on the new adapter, the unit is up and serving the news and audio as it normally had in the past, and I can see my balloons both green on the status page again.
One note however, @Abhishek, the news has not been upgraded to 10-22 today. Last it is showing is 10-18. The “What’s New” is reporting 10-22 APRS and Weather data updates only.


Jerry, Good to know on troubleshooting lock ups of the DC being related to power supply.

I checked my logs here and news pack seems to be arriving at 44 minutes past the hour (usually).

I’m making a mental list of how the carousel sequences the downloads. (I probably spelled it wrong)


Interesting - - my last News now at 10:01 pm 22 Oct was awhile ago at 7:43:31 pm, and I have not received any new traffic either since 8:03 pm 22 Oct

Yesterday, I lost 12 hours of content although my DC was apparently on line and reporting in. A reboot fixed that. Ken


I checked, and all the feeds are up to date so far with mine since the power supply change. I missed all the feeds from 10-19 to 10-21, but I believe that was due to not actually being in operation from the low voltage.


The next version of Skylark, 5.4 is now released. Please see this post:

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