Skylark 5.4 for Dreamcatcher 3


I experience similar issues where the Dreamcatcher gets hung and needs a restart. I wonder if SSH’ing into it and setting up some sort of auto-reboot thing could help. It seems that if I manually reboot it every morning, it doesn’t get hung until the next day.


Port Forwarding

Abhishek @Abhishek, can you tell us how many simultaneous user logins our Dreamcatchers running Skylark 5.4 can handle before crashing? I have been port forwarding my DC in a test, and it has worked fine. I would like to share it with the Forum if it won’t overload my DC. Ken


@kenbarbi: 10s of users should be fine for the DC. Users, by themselves don’t cause much extra load on the DC, and the lockups are not directly load related.

I’d say go ahead and share, please.


I assume that this differs if it is ‘Hotspot host mode’ or ‘client on wifi router’. ?


Number of users? Not really.


Yes it does differ - - what I am doing is sharing my client router local address for my Dreamcatcher with the world. When I port share, I actually assign my local Skylark’s in-house IP address to my outgoing Internet IP address so that when someone connects to my Internet IP address they pass thru my Firewall directly into my Dreamcatcher and run Skylark.

Several years ago a few of us did this with the old Ku Band and L Band systems.

Since my set up has worked well with the few folks I already shared it with, and Abhishek sees no load problem, please try it out - - use your web browser to go to Use the Guest login, my Othernet logon has a private password.

I will point out 2 things - -1) If my Internet provider (Comcast) assigns me a new outgoing address (since I don’t pay for a dedicated address), the 78… won’t work, and I’ll have to determine the new address and share it, and 2) Because of the intermittent Dreamcatcher shut downs we are experiencing, you may not see anything for a 24 hour period as I am automatically powering down two times between 2 and 4 am EST, and sometimes that is not enough cycles to restore service until the next day’s 2 new cycles. If my system crashes otherwise and I can’t restore it, I’ll post that information here.

But I think those of you looking forward to Othernet putting up a beam in your area of the world will enjoy the experience of learning how Skylark 5.4 works. Try it out. :grinning: Ken


I was more interested in if the host daemon (hostapd ?) has a set max limit of number of connections using the edup wifi usb device.?


that limit is fairly high. i’d think you would run out of bandwidth (that the edup can deliver, not your internet connection) before you’d run out of connections.

but in anycase - my reply was specifically about the load on the DC itself. Users, merely by logging-in, cause very little extra load on the DC. What causes load is apps like WhatsNew (which is easily the worst of the lot). Messages is probably the next worst one, and then News and Tuner status in that order. Rest (like Weather and Radio) cause very little extra load.

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