Software Release: Skylark 5.0 for Dreamcatcher 3 (Ku-band)


It looks like I got a lock at the parking garage. Here’s the best screen shot that I could take one-handed (The other hand was holding the LNB):

I also found a spot next to the house that might be a good candidate for a more permanent location. I was not able to get a lock there, but probably could if I fiddled with it some.

Screenshot at 2018-03-15 16-57-35

I hope this will help with the LNB frequency correction.

–Konrad, WA4OSH


Is the time display on the Skylark web homepage based on the dreamcatcher time or I guess
my question is it derived from the satellite data stream or from the wifi router ntp ?
Somehow it is “local” format so maybe it derived from the browser?


The time is coming from the computer you are using to view the DC’s Skylark program. Try changing your computer time and watch the Skylark time change with it. Ken


@Abhishek I am trying to describe what led10 “status” near the power reset switch does.
At boot it starts flashing the after ready is on the screen and another 30 seconds or so it
stop the flashing and is a solid green.

Can you define what it is doing?


It has three functions:

  1. Primarily, it indicates that the board (more accurately the power management IC - the PMIC) is powered up.

  2. Additionally, it indicates a successful boot by flashing at about 0.5Hz for 30 seconds, as you noticed.

  3. It also blinks a couple times when you insert external storage (like a usb-stick) to indicate that the system found the storage device.


I received “community content” looks pretty cool except I can’t open the pdf’s
Biology_Tah*** or

It tries to open “reader” if I double click… but 404 error or if start reader and try and open
any ideas?

update: download to computer works. including the mp3 audio file… very cool


That’s what I mean in my User Guide about Skylark not having native programs to run certain files like MP3, HTML, PDF, etc. You have to download them and let your computer render them. I’m sure future iterations of Skylark will include necessary programs. Ken


The “Reader” app in Skylark is supposed to be a “universal” viewer for text content: pdf, html, opendocument (spreadsheets/presentations/documents made in LibreOffice, for example), epubs, and markdown.

Weirdly enough it also supports audio and video, limited to those supported by your browser natively.

I did just notice that it was broken, and opening files in it always resulted in a “404 not found”. The bug is now fixed, and next release of Skylark should have a working universal text/media viewer again.


looks like im also still figting a snr ratio bug which is making me drop lock at random


For reliably receiving all files - including the fast-flux ones like the messages, your balloon on the status map should show green on the second map (Frame Lock).


That’s my issue I drop lock alot


whats your bitrate?

anything below 16000 is too low.


looks like i need to go and work on my mount then…


Hey, @Abhishek, @Syed after i changed out my short RG-6 (15") for the 20’, I am unable to get snr under 14. I have re-aimed the LNB numerous times trying to find a better position, and it has a clear shot at the sky. I would also mention that 11000 is about the top bitrate I have observed at any time. Are we going to be bound to keep the LNB close to the DC3 by short cabling? I know the rf loss is high on any coax at these frequencies, but I did use the best I could find, and it is rated for 3 Ghz.


I’m using a free-to-air (FTA) LNB/80 cm dish - - so maybe I’m cheating to get good service.

That said, my always locked signal looks like this:


I have set up the Maverick near my FTA antenna and also get good (but not as good) service - - so your comment is very significant and disturbing. Ken


Those are some really cool stats. I am interested in knowing if the coax is the factor affecting it. Mine look better tonight than they did all day, and the bitrate is up some also now. Nothing has been changed. So where does one see one of these FTA antennae? (I’m pretty ignorant along those lines just yet).


My length of coax is two feet. It’s quad-shielded and good to 3 GHz. Poor coax can be lossy.

You can try this with an old DirecTV or Dish Network dish antenna:

–Konrad, WA4OSH


Thanks, Konrad. My coax is quad shielded rated to 3 Ghz also. I may look around for one of these dishes and try it.


Once the snow stops here in Washington, I’m going to install the Maverick LNB in place of my Invacom LNB on my 80 cm dish and see how it performs. That should give an indication of what added parabolic focus does, and how the Maverick performs at the end of 500 feet of RG6. Ken


Before spending the money find a thrown-away dish. If you have to buy one, get a 1 meter dish and enjoy FTA with a cheap FTA receiver.

–Konrad, WA4OSH