Supported file types for external SD card

Doing extensive testing on supported file types served up inside the Skylark/Dreamcaster server.

To my surprise the server is very high speed and works well with numerous file types and sizes, wonderful replay of MP4 & MOV files.

Not all forms of each format will play and crashing the MP3/MP4 driver requires the reboot of the dream catcher to fix. (Found quick fix for most video crashes just close the browser and open a new one). Noticed the previewer is far more stable than the reader file player.
Have had good success with test custom HTML
Linked back to SD card storage :slight_smile:

Pressing the three dots menu will allow you to download the files to your phone/computer directly.

What other file types are supported?

Working now with a FAT32 formated 32GB SD memory card , will test a USB hub and hard drive next.(Hard drives on USB hub is a no go).

For those who have never seen it, full screen replay of a MP4 movie on your phone/computer/TV is absolutely wonderful from the dream catcher sometimes it is hard to hit the expand video arrows/little box shape on the previewer/player. Menu will vanish in two seconds.
Last edit promise, I am not an HTML programmer but have already with the help of a HTML web site put together a custom file selector with thumb nail preview of the page for the Dream catcher (Very cool stuff) and looks good for custom access to messages. Will share in the future the HTM goodies I make.

This thing is great !
Thank You all.

Bump, Take a look at the video on the bottom of the forth post, three days of tinkering with HTML on Othernet Dreamcatcher. When I get it the very best, I will make a download zip available to copy to your SD Memory card.

I have a zip file ready for upload to anyone who wants it, the size is 6MB, file name, contains access.htm,other.jpg graphic,a1.mp3 music demo,m1.mp4 video demo,help.txt help file,directory folders for media.
Looking for someone to improve the HTML code.

New version of Othernet data viewer, took out graphic at the top and added latest news section.
With a large number of files you need to let it sync before sub frames will fill in and become active.

I really do have fun with this and will keep working on has been updated to the latest version.:slight_smile:

Can you put your code on GitHub or other version system?

I am interested in the code.

Ok , will look into GitHub as a file host, Thanks!

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Ok, let see if this works. Version #1 on GitHub.

See the help3.txt file for information.

(New Version V3 now available)

good start, I am still configuring the secondary sd . recommend you place the help.txt in an easier to find spot in the git …:slightly_smiling_face:

@Matt9876, Hi Matt, your github service is working. Can you give us a short instruction on where in the file structure to place the (package) unzipped files, and basic operation?

Correction: I now see the help file in the “data” folder. This contains all the needed information. Thanks, Matt!

Think the next thing I will work on is to improve the way the HTML script works with small screens/phones.
Good thing I found in HTML is you can specify a screen size output as a percentage (85%) of the real screen height or width for example.
Just found by accident how to pull files directly from the SD memory card with a URL or bookmark in your browser. For example if you had the package installed and you wanted to play the first MP4 movie directly just use this URL command on your browser.“”

Got the internal memory URL by going up the tree with the parent directory click on:


Looks like you must be logged in to Skylark before you can do direct URL files request, also have run into a serious trouble getting back to the internal memory from the “access.htm” file.

The numeric address to your Dreamcatcher may be differnt than the examples shown above.

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This is exactly what I was looking for!
So you can bypass the JavaScript overhead and e.g. display the content also on older browsers. A login is only necessary for the user “othernet”. Otherwise you can click away the window with the login mask.

You got it, but you must be logged into Skylark before making the direct call or it’s a dead connection. May have more options available if logged in as admin instead of guest.

Making good progress on the next version of includes Wikipedia reader and auto logic for best screen layout,bug fixes etc.going to wait a few days before posting to get everything just right.

You have to connect to the WLAN “Othernet” via network settings. The browser window with the login mask has nothing to do with the WLAN login. You can close it and still get into the Dreamcatcher via ssh. The login mask in the browser is only necessary for logging in as user “othernet”.

Can you check the individual files from into gitHub separately? Then you can see the version history.


Ok it’s here, includes Othernet Wikipedia reader,screen output improvements,big code update.

See the help3.txt file for information.

Screen improvements:

Using Chrome browser on Android Moto G7 phone,moving finger up and down the far right hand side of the screen I was able to navigate and use everything. :slight_smile: Back button on the bottom left reactivates the sub windows.