***v3.1*** Please Update Your Receiver (CHIP/Pi3) - Weather App!


Boats almost always run on 12v, and there are typically many places where 12v can be tapped. Nowhere is there 5v. If you are going to provide a turnkey marine product, it needs to be 12v. USB car chargers could provide the conversion.


Hard to explain this problem, @Abhishek, but in the last week as I continue to download files, my CHIP no longer wants to connect to my home network.

Every time I reestablish a connection to my local Wifi, I lose the Outernet WiFi for awhile, and when the CHIP comes back - - it is still connected as a HotSpot.

Nothing else has changed in my local configuration. Any thoughts? Ken


Its definitely failing to connect to your wifi. If you watch it next time you do this cycle you should see the boot cycle go thru twice:

  1. You configure “connected to wifi”, CHIP reboots. Led blinks.
  2. Led stops blinking. After another minute or so, CHIP reboots again. You will see the blinking start all over again, and Outernet Hotspot show up again.

Its possible the wifi signal at the location of the CHIP has become weaker. Try moving the CHIP closer to the wifi router - just to test if it connects.


Check none of your power / USB connections are clean and not loose.

I was having some problems like this and it all went away when I shifted to a 5.3 volt power source.

This USB connected Equipment is very fiddly and flaky with voltage.

A pure 5volt regulated power supply in my opinion will cause problems.

The cigarette USB adapters tend to be a slightly higher voltage than 5 volts.

Also some USB cables are very poor and cause voltage loss.


Murphey’s Law Works With Outernet

Anything that can go wrong will go wrong. The reboot procedures works just as described. :grinning:

This time I took my WiFi extender box out of service, and connected to my system WiFi at a lower signal level. Not so low I couldn’t see my WiFi from the deck, but direct to my Ampedwireless high power WiFi without the range extender.

Works like a charm. Go figure. Ken


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Hi. I’m trying to update my Pi 3 to the 3.1 firmware (or newest firmware that was released for the pi). But all the links I find is to the defunct archive.outernet.is. I am also not able to connect to librarian.outernet.is.

The Pi is 500km away so I was hoping of doing an in browser firmware update.

I wonder if this is just a temporary server fault or if the content no longer is available?


Hi, you’ll find the latest version of RPI image in the dropbox link shared in the post #2 in this thread: Building a receiver with a Raspberry PI 3
good luck!