Volunteers wanted for testing the 0.2.6 ORxPi image


I will be setting up my permanent antenna this weekend. I will rest the new image, in particular, I am interested in providing a monitoring node that should be up 99.99% of the time. We have pretty good internet and power here in the Rocky Mountains of BC, Canada.


Thanks for the 101 on you datacast!

As far as i can see, 0.2.6 is working fine. The weather caused a drop off in signal to 22%, but data was still appearing. Nice to know that Ku rain fade won’t take me off the air.



Sounds great. I’ll probably be a bit flaky during the weekend, but I’ll try to hang around in case you have any questions.

That is indeed nice to know. :smile:


I downloaded the new ORxPi Image 0.2.6 here in Washington, DC, and it did not work. While I was able to see the Outernet Wifi and connect to it, the Librarian did not run. I tried to go to a URL too, but no results.

The image is 15 Aug 2015 1515 UTC and ois 40,960 Mbits