Where is my Outernet?


Hey Syed,

tried emailing a few times and got not response. Please can you confirm plans for the original delivery of Outernet device?

I am an original backer and have not had any feedback on the status of the project for a long time.

please reply within the next week.




Hi Dan,

We’ve had a few emails back and forth, but I do see I failed to reply to the last one. Are you receiving the backer updates? They aren’t real frequent, but they do show that things are alive and progressing.



good news. Are you on target to deliver all lanterns in 2018 as promised in the Jan 2nd update?

when will the next update be made public?


It wasn’t promised that delivery would be complete in 2018. I include target dates because I’m always asked to include some mention of a date, but I do state that I have been wrong about schedule for years now. That being said, 2019 is definitely our year. We will need to make a decision whether we ship the current version sooner or wait a bit for a smaller unit with better performance.

When I pose this question to backers the majority say they have waited this long, so they might as well wait a bit longer for the better version.