Which way is Southeast?

Hey Syed,

We all know the State of the Union. What is the State of the Othernet?
Nothing negative, sir. It’s amazing you’re still up and running. We appreciate that. Experimentation and improving is still alive here. It’s in all of us. Could you tell the congregation of your plans for the future. Of course Earth’s better future is the first equation to be solved.



I second the motion. :smiley: Ken

I am a bit curious as well. We are starting to see Starlink start to take shape with possible
public beta testing later on this year.

What’s interesting about Starlink, Mike, is the monthly cost. So far no final figures are available, but Musk has ruled out free service.

So that begs the big question of affordability in many areas of the world again giving Othernet a big boost. Ken

Have Musk fund us as a backup system!

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Here’s an interesting twist on that idea. Perhaps Starlink could lease down link capacity to Othernet on its tens of thousand of LEOs. Then, presuming the current Dreamcatchers could tune to their frequencies, billions of people could receive one-way information content thru Othernet. These people would be the ones not able to afford the $100 (or so) Starlink monthly fees.

I don’t think this would be a money loser to Elon Musk since these billions of people would never become his subscribers. Ken

Do you think the Starlink frequencies are in the Ku band?

I just googled it:

Per the FCC approval for the Starlink space stations, “SpaceX proposes to operate in the 10.7-12.7 GHz, 13.85-14.5 GHz, 17.8-18.6 GHz, 18.8-19.3 GHz, 27.5-29.1 GHz, and 29.5-30 GHz bands.”

I’m pretty sure the Dreamcatcher operates in these areas. @Syed Syed will confirm that. Ken

Starlink is using Ku and Ka bands. Yes, there is overlap with the frequency we are currently leasing, but they must protect (not interfere) the incumbent geostationary operators. So we are safe from interference.

@donde Yes, it’s amusing that everything is still alive and kicking! There should be some big improvements at the end of this summer. More information in August. Right now I am focusing on a quite a few inquiries related to school closings.

Musk/SpaceX are not interested in leasing capacity. Yes, I’ve asked in the past. They (will) run an end-to-end, vertically-integrated service. I would be happy to lease capacity from them, but they have huge capital expenses which they need to recoup. A few tens of thousands from Othernet will certainly not move the needle for them.


I wonder if Starlink will also provide cellular style access augmenting terrestrial 5G (New Radio)
frequencies. See the frequencies n257 to n261 at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/5G_NR_frequency_bands

Then some cell phones might directly connect to the satellite (similar to iridium ??? but on Ka/Ku)

I would like to think Elon has higher ideals in mind than just making money, but am not counting on it. :kissing_smiling_eyes:

Partnering with Othernet to reach the under served (and poor) populations of the world with a one-way information service could be a feather in his cap. Ken