Why not partnership with skycoin


The have been developing software for seven years to build a crypto-currency and point to point network…

it is obvious that these types of investors would build out your network…



Danger, Will Robinson.


Why not, crypto-currency economics is already freeing the world from economic inclusion for the unbanked. it is opensourced and free. why only have one part of the story, when millions of dollars are transfer too countries that have their currency into hyper inflation… no matter what education one has of the internet they will never escape the poverty cycle. connect the wealthy rich with the poor for decentrilized charity and these people to build wealth…


A thousand outernet satellites is better then 50 satellites…unless outernet core focus is business selling equipment…and donating the odd one to a village or to a school. Not all partnership have to be economical, they can be working together to solve the same goals…


How exactly do you envision a receive terminal being useful for currency transactions? Oh wait… I see… In your model, “connect the wealthy rich with the poor for decentrilized charity”. For example, Jeff Bezos would put a billion dollars into the Skycoin system. If in fact the bilion dollars didn’t immediately vanish into the Swiss bank coffers of some nefarious hackers, the Skycoins would be distributed to Outernet receivers in the form of credits. Remember, this is a one-way system. No way to request credits as needed. Then, a local tribesman would simply walk up to the Outernet teller window at the nearest mud hut, offer his identification, in this case, a pierced body part or coconut shell, or…what exactly? Maybe Ngubwe could have an ID card! He could keep it in his loin sheath or pinned to his manbun when not in use. Oh well, let’s just say somehow the receive only system has some magic way to validate Ngubwe’s identity, maybe a retinal scan of his one sort of non-parasite infested good eye, and then spits out a fair number of credits. Fairness has been predetermined by some method yet to be determined. Maybe, to streamline things, there is no validation needed. The credits are distributed equally to anyone who walks up to the window. What do the credits look like? How are they managed? How are they redeemed? Where can they be redeemed? Are they even a material thing? Are they tattooed on Ngubwe’s arm? What’s to keep Ngubwe from coming back over and over the same day, since there’s no validation needed. Do rich people even care if Ngubwe gets all the credits? Probably not. As long as they can be written off as charity. Never mind he’ll spend it all on plantain beer, go berserk and shoot up the village with the AK-47 he bought from the Boko Haram guy down the road.

There’s a lot more to wealth redistribution than just building a virtual currency based on something yet to be determined.