113°w no data donwloading?



not downloading data from 113°w

is someone else have this problem

[ [email protected]] i2c i2c-1: BF is 64,BW is 10688
[ [email protected]] i2c i2c-1: Tuner successfully lock!
[ [email protected]] i2c i2c-1: Service locked!!!


Since when is this?

EDIT: Also, can you email us your monitoring ID (to apps(at)outernet.is)?


I’ll contact the teleport. We were previously having problems with G19, but that was resolved this afternoon.


@kalashnikov Are you receiving now?


since friday at night i suppose, i don’t remember very well

yes ,now i geting data

tnks for the help


no bitrate
2 days ago on 113w


Librarian v1.0.dev2 / Lighthouse 2.6.1
Librarian v3.0 / ORxPi 3.0rc1


The teleport staff are still looking into it. We’ll update when it’s restored.


no data on 113w


Looks like it’s going back to normal now.