11meter satellite dish help

What can I do with this it’s an old telecomunications dish it’s massive and adjustable can I use this for this outernet and possibly dish Network or would I be limited to freesat any help or suggestions or any sites or places I can get updated equipment anything this thing is to big and to cool to just rust away

do you have a photo?

You should be able to bounce a signal off the moon :wink:

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For sure! That can be done with a lot smaller antennas today.
We have a group here that brought an old 25 meter radio astronomy dish back to life, and indeed
they routinely talk to other radio amateurs using moonbounce.


you might find interesting Zoltán Bay’s Moon bounce experiment from WWII times :slight_smile:

I’m asking for my buddy Larry he had this awesome thing me and him met in an old inactive dish forum and I’m in the process of relocating the dish I acquired he has his giant 11 meter one already we were both looking for information so we’ve been corresponding through emails trading info he actually was seeking TV broadcast me I just wanna do what I can we both live in very rural areas and internet and TV signals are scarce I’m forwarding him the link to join the forum . I though I was getting something big till I met him I’m so jealous now I would love to have something like that . Could you guys please let me know more about the outernet thing please . What I’m bringing home is the old dinasaur old school solid dish like 10-12 footer . I’m so glad to find this forum here first real personal information I’ve gotten that’s up to date

First of all read the www.outernet.is website. There you can find how outernet Will work.

And you don’t need an 11 meter dish.

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Thanks guys I will check it out I know I jumped the gun on subjects , I found you guys surfing for info and this really seems to be full of knowledgeable people. I do understand we don’t need these giant dishes to do this but…Bigger is better? Maybe? IDK my friend lives 100miles north of Anchorage Alaska on on an old military base. With minimal connectivity to the outer world he has that dish (I have pictures of the backside and components of it … Question being with the dish he has and the one I’m getting ready to set up what are the capabilities and options we will have given the right cones -circular or linear and is it possible to use the same dish for internet and possibly satellite TV ? Or do any of you guys being so knowledgeable and up-to-date in this subject have and suggestions or any sites you might know of that could assist us with or endeavor

11m ? sell it for scrap. Its very costly to maintain.

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I might be fun to use it as an amateur radio-telescope. There might not be a whole lot of RF pollution north of Talkeetna, AK.

YouTube: How to build a radiotelescope

Go to Lyngsat and see if there is any C or Ku band FTA programming that appeals to you all.

–Konrad, WA4OSH