2nd SD card problem

I removed the 2nd SD card, and now my downloads are installing. Same problem as with 5.3 though; the Tuner app Status page freezes for quite a while in the browser and LCD screen, but I found that it does resume after a while without reboot and downloads are indeed coming in. That didn’t happen with the 2nd SD card in;, none of my files were updating since version 5.4 was installed. I will reformat 2nd SD card and see if that was it.

Looks like that fixed it.

How did you reformat the 2nd SD card? In the DC or a computer?

Sorry to butt in. For years I use “USB Stick Formatter”. A default app in Linux Mint 17.2 A companion app is “USB Image Writer”. I use both of them. Each takes less than 15 seconds. Always works.

Any special settings, just FAT32? Using 32G card.

On a Windows 7 or 10 computer, I used Rufus 2.17 (you’ll have to find a new working link for it as the one I used before doesn’t work anymore), or AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard Edition (available at https://www.disk-partition.com/download-home.html). Make sure to use FAT32.


I originally used Windows to format a former Raspberry Pi card, but it left the boot sector in it. I then used SD Card Formatter on my computer to fat32, everything is installing now.

USB Stick Formatter has 3 options.
I normally use FAT32.
I stay away from any Windows formatter, since DC is Linux based. Probably makes no difference. It’s just me.

I have downloaded Rufus 3.4 on Windows 10. I have run all day for the first time without a crash without the 2nd SD card inserted, so that seems to work for me. I am copying the files off of it and will format it with Rufus and try again. Been through different power supplies, etc. like everyone else, glad I am not the only one with issues and I know how hard Syed works so it is nice to be able to try something while we wait for a new release. Thank you all for the answers and I will report back when I have some experience with the reformatted card. I love this thing, much more fun now that it has audio.

Several of us have had problems. Sometimes it takes 2 or 3 reboot attempts to get the Dreamcatcher to connect to your network. Ken

Well, the updates stopped again; it hasn’t updated for 6 days. I have a -7 or lower SNR with 100/0 % data loss. I will remove card again, but I don’t think that’s the problem. The reformat did cure the freezing Status tab screen in the Tuner app though.

I haven’t had any connection issues with wifi or ethernet,

Mine made it three days before it stopped receiving this morning. My latest idea / theory is that … it locks up… when either my wifi router, or my cell phone get too close to the dreamcatcher… Some kind radio interference from these external devices getting to the dreamcatch circuitry… difficult to prove or diagnose…

Maybe you can make a Faraday cage for testing your theory?

I don’t think it is interference. I have had this problem occasionally along with other shut down issues like loss of my client connection, loss of bias t voltage or just plain death. Ken

I installed a fresh image to a larger SD card (16 GB), and left the 2nd SD card out. The original card was 4 GB and I did an update from 5.3 on it. The new card started downloading right away, see what happens in a few days.

Same problem as with 5.3 with no LCD screen and Status tab in Tuner app freezing.

Have you considered adjusting the frequency. I’ve learned the tuner-status (lock) is rather meaningless, but looking at the frequency offset has brought mine back into receive. If my frequency offset is greater the (+/-) 100,000 then I log as othernet user and change to custom frequency (keeping beam type 228).

edit: beam type 228

I will try adjusting the freq., but I also have the LCD locking up, it illuminates, but no ‘buttons’ work. When the Status tab in Tuner app (Chrome browser through my local network) gets ‘stuck’, I think it’s still updating at that point and audio is still streaming. I will have to check that further when it does it again.
I will see if SSH is working when it happens, as I can’t change anything through my network or wifi interfaces.

I think the best thing to do, William, is to power down. If the board is hot, let it cool - - then reboot. as many times as necessary to bring up the program. Othernet is aware of these problems that we are all having with Skylark locking up.

You might note that on my on-line port forwarded Skylark, periodically it is dead for a day or so. That is because it is shutting down during the day, and the twice daily automatic re boots I have set up are not enough to restore it. New or bigger micro SD cards, removal of external storage, etc. don’t seem to make any difference. Ken

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I only have to reboot once for it to start working. If heat is the issue, think I will make another case for it and install a fan instead of a speaker.