35cm Dish in Europe

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If used dishes can’t be found locally, this is probably the next best option. EUR 25.

25€ for a 35cm dish is expensive, on ebay a 60cm Dish is only 15€ Shipped inside Germany :slight_smile:

Example: https://www.ebay.de/itm/Opticum-60-cm-Sat-Satelliten-Schussel-Spiegel-Stahl-Antenne-4K-UHD-HD-digital-d/154094408040?hash=item23e0be1168:g:JPwAAOSwvIpfZg~u

Yes, but 60cm is just a pain to work with. At least a 35cm can easily sit on a table. Also the larger the dish, the more difficult it is to point.

It’s too bad that there are know 20cm dishes. That would be the sweet spot. Cheap, light, and just enough additional gain.

Not to go too far down the rabbit hole, the wilta dish price is ok for mobile use cause it contains suction cup, mastmount and a hard case. Plus the company is just around the corner from me :wink:

Regarding the low cost 60cm dishes - don’t! I have been setting up sat dishes since 1989 and have always avoided anything painted or powder coated with plastic LNB Clamps for permanent outside use. Apart from that a quality dish like a Technisat or Kathrein is assembled by tightening 6 screws and no fiddling with tiny washers and nuts&bolts. That’s 15 minutes less in cold weather on a slippery roof :wink:

The 33cm weatherproof alloy dish i posted in the other thread has a RRP of 54,99 € (including single LNB) with regular pricing about 10 € lower, which i still think is decent.

In Central Europe you most certainly don’t need a dish at all. I just think it looks prettier than the naked LNB pointed at the sky :wink:

Yeah the 15€ Dishes arent the best, but i really never had any Problems with them in the past.
Our main TV Dish is also a very cheap 80cm one and it works really well, maybe it’s a different story in more difficult weather :slight_smile:

They all work equally well if they’re not warped or dented. The difference is how they look after 10 years outside. In case of the LNB clamp, i have had cases where it simply disintegrated from UV rays.

i have a 40cm dish for almost 25€ to receive the QO-100 satellite.

working very nice and i am very happy about it!
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