3d case for 3.03

Just recieved my 3.03 board and 3d printed the case in the forums from thingiverse.

It appears that my board has possibly a piece on the side that can be removed to make it fit the
case, pic attached.

Just wanted to make sure I was safe to remove that PCB piece on the edge.


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Also, is there a download link for skylark? The only ones I can find are for the old domain.


I’m at the point of talking my son into printing this case for me. I would be too scared to whittle the board down to make it fit, and that would beg the question of possibly changing the 3D printer file to accommodate the board properly. Has anyone else had this same problem with the 3.03 board?

Yeah i would be too, but those edges are scored pretty deep and the other pcb pictures dont have it, so I’m wondering if it just wasnt taken off/cleaned up before it shipped to me.

But will wait for confirmation before I do anything for sure.

@Jason_Radford That piece can definitely be removed. You should do it by hand with a firm grip and it should break very cleanly.

That’s a manufacturing oversight. The reason we didn’t catch it during QA is because we only do functional testing once we get it from the factory. Sorry about that.

No worries…

You happen to have an updated download link for skylark btw?

Images are at:


much thanks, I forgot to convert the space in the url.

https://archive.othernet.is/Dreamcatcher3 Skylark/

should work in any modern browser (despite the forum software being unable to handle it). So should:


Are you getting errors for either of them? If yes, could you please show a screenshot of the browser?

I just got the DC v3.03 earlier this month. My board didn’t have the extra width on that edge, but the USB connector was not solder mounted to the board. It was hanging on by the connectors only. I know how to solder, so no biggie. Just a little quality control issue. I’m sure the guys will watch the issue a bit more closely. My DC is working beautifully, btw. I am on the East coast of central Florida, and getting a good signal with the LNB.

@Jay_Mcmillan We are happy to replace that unit; that issue should not have existed. Sorry about that.

Dear Syed,
It is all good. I was just impatient to start playing. Only posted that in case somebody else may have the same issue. Only took a minute to put a little solder on the socket mount tabs. I am very happy with my DC!

Hope my case works great after you removed that piece of PCB.

Adding a make on Thingiverse would be awesome :slight_smile:


Case worked great, just posted a make on thingiverse for you.


I printed the project from “thingiverse” on my Prusa 3D printer. It came out great fits perfectly!

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Glad to hear that!

Would be nice if you add a make on thingiverse :slight_smile: