3D Printable Case for Dreamcatcher 3 - Beta

okay, could you be a bit more specific what parts where hard to print?

Did the speaker vent / Opening crack or what part of it?


speaker vent the fins holding in the vent cover started to crack one broke off and i had to glue it

mmm…i could make it a little bit thicker or change the pattern of the speaker vent in the future. Thanks for the feedback!

But i think that it will be more stable when it is printed in one piece.

the entire speaker vent was printed as one peace if you look how i spliced it

okay, can you send me a image with the cracking point marked?

sure here it is its not marked but its clearly visible

Oh okay, thanks for the image. i will change the vent in the next version so that they are wider and stronger.

did you complete the case yet?

After some feedback from @hagensieker and soome other users i now changed the case to fit the newest 3.03 Version of the Dreamcatcher.

Here are the files for the new Version on Thingiverse: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3004833

Any Feeback is welcome :slight_smile:

73 de DO5TY,


Printing now. Thanks.

I printed the file from here rather than from thingiverse. Doesn’t quite fit my DC3.03. The hole for the SD cards is a little too narrow and I managed to tear the socket from my board! Note to self: remove the SD card before installing into the box!. Luckily I have a few spares kicking around the shack and so I was able to repair the socket.

Can I ask that you add tome tabs on the side so that the box can be screwed to the wall? Similar to this RPi box? https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2286741

How did you manage to ripp off the sd slot? xD

Well, always use the newest STL files, they are of course on Thingiverse as mentioned in my last post on here.

I will add a option with wall Mounting brackets soon, thats a good idea.

Update: Added the wall Mount version to Thingiverse.



Wow! Thanks Manuel. You’re a star!

I’m printing the Thingiverse box now.

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Manuel, YOU DA MAN!!!

It took a while on my Robo R1+ (I printed at 45% infill) but almost 24 hours later its on the wall in my basement! It looks like I made space for it among the other stuff on the wall but I did not. It just happened to fit into a gap I had left for other projects.

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Thanks :slight_smile:
Looks great on the wall, happy i was able to help you :slight_smile:

Could you add a make on Thingiverse? That would be great.



Add “make” to Thingiverse: Done!


What size screws did you use to secure the two case pieces and board together?

As stated in the First Post you Need M3 sized Bolts or similar.

Can we get source so we can hack, edit, and fix?
It is of course possible to import the STL into OpenSCAD which I like to use for simple stuff if I need to edit as well as author; but editing a STL is a dirtier way to get your edits done than source code and is not properly parametric.

Thanks, I missed that.