3rd SD card and build in 3m

Well, on my 3rd (good quality) SD card and reinstall in 3 months…got 6 weeks out of this
last one. Not sure if its the SD card…or what.
Burn image to new SD card. Start Again.

Running DC and Skylark.

I am ready to give up. With this and the other issues already posted, why bother.


I’m thinking your Dreamcatcher is failing after several hours or days as mine occasionally does. I have added a WiFi repeater and done all sorts of other things to improve reliability with no effect. I have settled on putting an ac timer on the Dreamcatcher to turn it on and off once a day at 0100 for 30 minutes.

Yes, you miss 30 minutes of traffic every day, but at the end-of-the-day the Dreamcatcher is always running when you go into it. This may sound strange, but it does work, and no one else has offered any other solutions. Ken

is the device failing to boot or falling off the network or?? if you think that its broken, try to access the system by plugging into the additional USB port and using like PUTTY to see if the Outernet prompt shows up… this will let you know whats up…

if you reboot the device with this plugged in do you see messages?

since skylark is read only, its very difficult to corrupt the OS, unlike a raspberry pi which can corrupt with a single hard shutdown…

try those things and let us know what you see…


I posted this reply to another Forum thread - Losing WiFi Connectivity from DC/Skylark 4.4

Just a point of clarification - - it is not WiFi connectivity I am loosing, but rather my Dreamcatcher is loosing its assigned IP address. I can see it connected as a client to my WiFi repeater, but with no assigned IP address.

I have done 2 things to my main router 1) I extended the lease times of IP addresses across the board, and 2) I forced a manual assignment of the Dreamcatcher’ IP address.

I will see if this makes a difference.


Good ideas except my Micro USB/OS plug broke off, and my DC is sealed inside a case from which I must remove power to open.

I have 2 more DC on order so will be able to pull this one out to perform the tests. Thanks, Chris.


in the case of a broken usb plug i powered mine directly from a computer that i then hit with terminal application… yea those plugs break off easy…


I figured you would say that, because that is how I eventually plan to get into the beast. My setup is pretty much buttoned up with my DC inside an old Lantern case (screwed together with 10 screws) - - so I’m screwed :grinning:

I have it under cover in the open perking away happily - - it is very portable when I travel. Adding a computer to drive it outside becomes a real problem. As I said, I’ve ordered 2 more DCs but can’t get the Store to complete the order. I’ve sent beau coup emails to [email protected], and am waiting for help there. :persevere:


also what type of power supply do you use?
can you measure the actual voltage on Dreamcatcher between JP1 (near micro usb socket) and GND?

personally never had to re-burn an sd card for skylark due to fail (only update), and my setup running since months non-stop.