A few questions

Hi all,

So yesterday I received my delivery of the chip , SDRx and patch antenna , works great, downloading fine ,

wifi on the chip sux , only works about 3 meters.

I’m not a big fan of the chip , prefer to run this kit on a raspberry pi due to my config requirements.

I run a synchronet packet bbs for ham radio use , I would like to include the outernet download content onto my bbs. Only way I can currently do this is by getting my bbs to mount skylark content as a ftp mount on boot , this is not ideal,

last night I tried to , install a verision of skylark from git-hub onto the bbs direct , when I tried to load demod-presets euraf , I get errors sayin biast not found and sdr100 not found. is there a work around for this?

Also whats the deal with full root access via ssh on the chip, I can only log in as outer net user ,

Regards lee

You can use rsync to sync the files on the Chip to another computer so your BBS can have fast
access to them. Just run the rsync at an interval you like (1 hour, some hours) to get the data.
It is possible to delete local files when the Chip has removed them for cleanup, or you can choose
to keep them. Also you can skip files that you do not want to transfer.

cd /destinationdirectory
rsync -av --delete --exclude=downloads/.* --exclude=downloads/News/* [email protected]:/mnt/downloads .

To get root access you use “sudo sh” or type sudo in front of the commands you want to run as root.
Unfortunately, the github repository does not contain all required software. You will have to run on
a compatible platform and copy the binaries out of a Chip when you want to use another computer.