A real space based component for educational 'planet rovers'

A great way to increase interest in Othernet would be to introduce a telecommand service for schools and DIYers who want to have an actual space based data component for experimental planet(earth currently) rovers popularly used to teach basic robotics.
All that is required is a serial or other data out from the dreamcatcher and a way(the amateur packet gateway is one existing pathway) to send a unique ID code prefix to a ‘probe’ followed by movement or instrumentation commands, ultra low bandwidth, multiplied a bit if using really long commands might even be able to rx the telemetry with a hacked LNB & rectanna vs a waveguide LNB vs a very fun to watch auto-aimed stock directional LNB.
Sending telemetry data back could be accomplished via amateur radio(packet or SSTV), ISM bands, WiFi/Bluetooth, maybe one of the cheap ($100)Globalstar L-band simplex modules and subscription to keep it all satellite based. Using Othernet data-in/down though is a great way to leverage publicity in the DIY/hacker/education communities especially for users with a low budget which already have a big interest and technical ability in space, radio, and embedded computing related topics against a very small amount of bandwidth budget and one time work on a general purpose userspace serial or other data out to the Dreamcatcher if not already implimented. Maybe require a racing sponsor sticker like you see on many space probes which are piggybacking an experiment on another space program’s probe or rover, also a good way to get a low effort partnership boost from JPL or ESA as both areas are under an Outernet spot…
Question though, is there an existing addressable serial port with risers/pads and drivers in the current Dreamcatcher image and hardware to make this just a job of writing a script and mounting the image rw to drop that in?
If assembling the dev kit for this service I would recommend users purchasing a minimum of two dreamcatcher sets, one fixed station for debugging and then a receiver set for every rover using the service.

I have heard if IOT experiments with LoRA to satellite platforms. Not sure I’d any are no or low cost. It would be neat to be able to make a request to Othernet to be downloaded.