Ability to send APRS messages through skylark when connected to wifi

I am sitting here playing with aprsdroid and sending messages and it occurred to me that it might be a useful tool to send messages through skylark when the system is connected to wifi. What about being able to connect the DC to a radio and sending messages that way as well. Could possibly have a bbs running on the DC to share the news, messages and such over the air, which might be useful in remote locations. I know when connecting aprsdroid to the internet you need a passcode, this could be the same method used to lock it from non-ham users.

Just playing around and this popped in my head, thoughts?

Sure, if you have Internet connectivity, and you have the proper authorization as a ham, you can send data to the APRS severs using the APRS API. You can also search the APRS servers using the same API.

–Konrad, WA4OSH

It would be exciting to send messages to Amateur Radio Operations while they are on DXpeditions in remote locations.


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