About adding a new language


My name is Surit and I wanted to start volunteering by translating. I speak Nepali . So is there any chance that my language is added to the list so that I can contribute as well.

Surit Aryal



No, thank you! :smile:

Hi, I am Daniel. I wanted to volunteer by translating to Hungarian. Hungary had been behind the Iron Wall for decades and recent government action to police the internet may make this project interesting for Hungarian speaking people.

Done, and thanks!

I would like to volunteer in translating to Greek language.

Thank you

Added, thanks!

I would like to contribute my services by translating to malayalam is there any way that I can be of help to your work


My Name is Varshan BP from India. I speak Tamil and Kannada. Please add those languages. I can contribute br translating.

For future reference, please note that contributors now have the ability to add any missing languages themselves.