About flags and when not to use them

As a general rule, only use flagging to flag posts that are obviously one of the following:

  • Irrelevant (unless it’s in Off-topic category)
  • Offensive
  • Completely unintelligible (like ‘wwwwwwwaaa’)

I’ve noticed that some people use the ‘flag’ function to call for attention from moderators for the sake of receiving attention. I call this ‘FFA’ (flag-for-attention). Please do not do this. FFAs create a lot of noise we have to deal with instead of working on something we’re supposed to. If a post is relevant to any of the mods, and they feel like replying, they will do so.

If nobody has replied to your post for a few days, don’t just FFA it. First consider the following:

  • Maybe the mods have already seen the post and didn’t feel they need to reply?
  • Maybe the topic has been already covered numerous times and nobody feels like they should point that out anymore?
  • Maybe the topic title isn’t interesting to others?
  • Is the topic posted in the correct category? You can click the edit icon (pencil) next to the title to change the category.
  • Is it understandable? Check spelling and grammar.
  • Does it provide enough context so people can understand your point of view?

Try to fix any of above and give it a few days. If nothing happens after that, it may just be that your post didn’t ‘hit the spot’. At any rate, don’t FFA it, please.

We think bumping posts is acceptable, so that’s another way to get some more attention. Don’t bump like crazy though. If after one or two bumps, you don’t get any attention, just leave it be.

If you need a reply from Outernet staff send us a private message or an email instead, but please be reasonable about it, and don’t spam us.

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