About lantern device

Hello …

First of all your product is very good . It will help very to many rural areas and background areas and in many sectors also.

I have a question… after buying device from you can i configure this device to my company or other company satellite …And can we use this device for Internet service also after connecting to a satellite…

Hope to hear positive reply from you.

Nikhil malpani

There is no uplink capability on the commodity USB receivers in use for this project. So there is no way to have an internet service on it. Thus the official title of the project should be ‘Outernet, not the Internet. Sending data where it has never been received before.’

Though in my case receiving data outside my window is a stretch to qualify that lofty tag.


The Outernet concept is for users to receive data only. But as collections on Outernet are updated, it sounds like the Lantern device will get those updates.

Can your company modify this device and can make capable for using internet.

Not Outernet. We are downlink only, there are services that can do what you want. I would suggest getting a large ammount of money ready though.


sorry to say but if you need “classic internet” on satellite not Outernet (yet) your company but those guys:

I want a device same as outernet device weight and size or can be more big and that device should be capable for Internet. And money is ready , no problem of money.

It sounds like you need a satellite phone with a data plan. Check the link Zoltan provided above to choose one.

How much small in size you can make this device.

Please understand that Outernet is not making such a device, you have to shop elsewhere.
Check a satellite phone store and ask them what they sell.

This third party device that has nothing at all to do with Outernet may be what you are after https://satellitephonestore.com/catalog/sale/details/thrane-explorer-110-inmarsat-bgan-terminal-295

200 mm x 140 mm

Use the link above to contact the third party selling this device.

The other company satellite receiver are too big and heavy. I want a device with size of same as otg pen drive.

Please help

Thanks in advance