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I’m new to satellite listening under my selection. I have some very basic questions:

  1. What types of data are available;
    1.1 Text
    1.2 Illustrations (photos, drawings)
    1.3 Audio
    1.4 Motion video w/audio

I ask about Audio/Video because I saw a post mention “I like that presenter because he agrees with my position.” I don’t know if that was an idea comment or a comment about a particular something that was watched. [during the ‘Great Shortwave War years I listened to many countries’ ‘news’ because, even though I did not necessarily believe the position of the news cast, I did learn there was something I should learn about. The whole story never seems to have been broadcast by any one side. I remember hearing AFVN announce daily their ‘news’ was ‘edited’ for broadcast in Viet Nam.]

  1. Where, on line, may I find a list, or lists, of downloads available?

  2. What equipment besides the U$D99 kit or UD169 assembled receiver/antenna are needed to receive and process a data stream?
    3.1 I’m using a Toshiba NetBook series 305 with a 1.67 gigahertz Intel Atom N450c processor and Windows 7 Ultimate (x64) Service Pack 1 (build 7601)
    3.2 Is the system in 3.1 capable of running Outernet?
    3.3 What other hard and software do I need and where may I obtain it?

Direct replies are welcome because I don’t yet know how I will learn if I’ve had a reply to the forum.

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