About the Messages category

For those that are receiving, please check your Messages app (on Skylark). You’ll see a few strange, non-APRS messages. Those were sent directly (well, indirectly) from here. This is how it works.

  1. Create a new topic.
  2. Select the category MESSAGES
  3. Enter your message in the title of the topic. The character limit for titles is 200 characters, so that is the maximum length of your message.
  4. Add a period (or any random character) to the body of the text. The body of the topic is not broadcast.
  5. Wait about a minute, maybe two.
  6. Check the Messages app on Skylark, or the following directory under File Manager:
    downloads/Amateur Radio/APRS/APRSAT
  7. Your username is appended to the message.
  8. That’s it.

After the message is broadcast, the bot will mark the topic as closed. The topic is also marked as unlisted, so that messages do not overload the main forum page.

This system is fully operational, so please have fun with it.