About the Voluteer HQ

This section is for use by volunteers. It will be used as a hub for public exchange of activity updates and instructions.

Post general discussions about volunteering in the “Volunteering for Outernet” section instead of here. This section is primarily for coordinating the work of volunteers.

Becoming a Volunteer

Te become a volunteer, you must send one of the admins a private message (ideally to @branko), and get a volunteer status. The message should tell us:

  • Your name
  • Your location
  • Languages you speak/write
  • Skills you have
  • Your interests (regarding Outernet)
  • Any concrete projects you wish to join

It’s very important that you get in touch with us before doing anything so you don’t duplicate someone else’s work.

Fluency in English is not a requirement, although it certainly helps.


There are a few things you can do as a volunteer:

  • Build an Outernet receiver and send us feedback about its operation
  • Translate Outernet software
  • Translate other Outernet material (homepage, video, etc)
  • Participate in online campaigns
  • Write tutorials and articles in your native language (if it’s not English)
  • Propose new ideas and work on them
  • Organize local meet-ups
  • Collect and share information about obtaining necessary hardware where you live
  • Run a section of the forum in your native language

Outernet may not always be able to provide assistance in all these activities, but we’ll try our best.