Access software on C.H.I.P

I have a C.H.I.P. version of the hardware that seems to have come with Outernet installed. I need to get access so I can change the settings to connect to my router and network but can’t figure out how. What do I need to install on my computer (Windows 8.1x64) to gain access?

Apparently, you have to press the power button on the chip after you plug it in. Then after it boots up, you can set it up over wifi on the new ‘Outernet’ wifi connection!
Make sure you put the wifi settings in correctly. WPA encryption worked even though I have WPA2 set up on my router.

Thanks, my problem is getting connected to set up the router access as I too have WPA2.

If you switch it on you should see a wifi network called outernet. Connect to this and visit (or may work)

Then enter
user: outernet
pass: outernet

You can then change the settings from the web interface to use your network.