Accessing Outernet from between two apartment buildings?

HI all,

Just learned about Outernet and am intrigued. Before I dive in, I have the following questions:

I live in an urban area. My apartment is made of thick concrete. I have a balcony, but it lets out into an alley with another building directly across from it.

Will I still be able to access Outernet from my apartment?

If I can access Outernet, what kind of hardware do I need to make a reliable connection?


you should look to and locate your planed antenna location there. In addition with the elevation you can exactly figure out, if it is possible to point either between or above buildings.
I also was not sure, if that would be possible for me, but i am lucky and the antenna points exactly between my two neighbours and above the hill behind them.
In any case there must be a line of sight between your antenna and the satellite.