Active usb cables

Hi everyone.

Received my DIY kit a couple of weeks back after it finally got through UK customs and I’m looking to move the antenna to a new location after a bit of testing. I tried the cheap route of an sma extension but that killed pretty much all signal strength so I’m now looking at other options. I’ve seen few people using active usb cables at decent lengths but wondered if anyone had used one with the sdrx?

I’m currently using the sdrx and patch antenna hooked up to a i7 mac mini running win10 that’s on 24/7, it’s a hub for a couple of things so would like to stick with it running directly into that rather than using the chip

I haven’t seen any mention of one being used here, but I cant think of any reason why it wouldn’t work. You may need a powered hub if the SDRx pulls more than 250ma, which is what active usb cables can normally provide. I would recommend getting it just to be sure. Or you can use a micro usb y cable to provide power via a phone charger.

Thanks, definitely something to think about