After a 2 year break

I started out with my Dreamcatcher in 2020 I believe. This weekend, I would like to set it up again. I hope I remember any login credentials that I may need. :slight_smile:

Did anything change in terms of the satellite position?

I haven’t touched it in a couple of years so it has whatever firmware version that was loaded on it.

I read a thread about a frequency change taking place in January of 2023, will I need to adjust anything for this?

Thanks! I am excited to try this out again!

[EDIT: I see there is a new board out!? Would I be better off getting the new one?]


Mark, take a look at the Wiki shown above at Wiki Pages for Othernet Dreamcatcher. There is a Quick Start Guide for the new 2301 Board as well as the older Dreamcatchers.

SES-2 , frequency is 12.0581 MHz which was changed in January 2023; and in April 2023, Eurosat/Astra 3B’s down link frequency changed to 11657.1 MHz


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Will do. Thank you.

The wiki you linked, linked to a pdf called “acquiring the satellite” and shows this info:


Is that old info or is the 12.0581 MHz correct? I put in 12.0581 MHz into custom and am not sure what to do with the beam type now.

For reference, here were the settings I had when I booted it up tonight for the first time in years…




I changed the beam type to 36 for the heck of it. I cannot locate the satellite, but, I suppose I missed something in the forums with the freq changes and beam type changes and what not.

At least I can still SSH into it, so, I can review some news from “the before times”


Thanks for your help. The current satellite system operates at a lower power than what I was receiving from back in 2020. And I reside in a different contour from the current system.

I can look into a cone extender but… I have no guarantees that would work due to my location and the change of satellite/configuration.

[Also, apparently, the title should have read “after a 3 year break” Time flies]

Thanks again,

Yes, the freq shown in the Guide has not been updated from 12.0894 GHz to 12.0581 GHz - - thus the caveat about the Jan 2023 change. But I presume you got on SES-2 using 12.0581 GHz. Ken

No. I did not. I am out of luck due to the lower power of the new satellite and residing in the wrong contour or something. Syed said I could try a cone extension or something, but I doubt I will.