After restating the ORxPi, the monitoring doesn't get started automatically

Probably some DNS error.

EDIT: I’m not a networking expert, so I don’t have instructions on troubleshooting that off the top of my head. I could look around, though.

mmm. you mean which side?

My guess is that your ISP’s DNS server is not very fast/reliable.

I have two routers and each one has totally different connections and Internet Service Providers .
4G router - fixed broadband connection (ISP - A)
3G router - connected a dongle with 3G SIM (connection) (ISP - B)

I haven’t ADSL connection to test this. :worried:

I tested with 3G a while back and everything was working normally. My ISP can have slow DNS lookups from time to time, though.

I restarted the monitoring manually (LH)

login as: outernet
[email protected]'s password:
[email protected]:~$ sudo /etc/init.d/S91monitoring restart
Stopping monitoring: OK
Starting monitoring: OK
[email protected]:~$

I’m getting red-dot

Try this:

tail -f /var/log/messages | grep monitor

Leave that on and when you notice it’s locking up again, restart and see if it immediately starts sending.

Can you post a screenshot of the tuner section from the dashboard ?

After restating the LH, I’m continuously getting the red-dot.

The monitoring script in LH v2.1.000 had an issue (which causes the red-dot) which was fixed in later versions. You should update Lighthouse to the latest image (v2.3.000)

Thanks Manish, ready to update the LH to latest version. Will update on this thread…

Yes. After updating to the latest image, it is now reporting.

That you pradeeka ?

yes :smile:
EDIT: Then why the ORxPi is not reporting through the same ISP?

Not sure. Anyway, can you tried what I originally suggested? Boot Pi, run the tail command and watch until it stops transmitting then restart monitoring immediately.

Command is

tail -f /var/log/messages | grep monitor

okay. now i’m going to connect my orxpi with the dish again and remove the lighthouse from it. will update soon.

K, thanks.

After booting, my Pi receiver is starting to report automatically without running any of the above commands.

This time I started the Pi with LAN cable attached. Previously I hot plugged it every time. Is this the case?

EDIT: Tomorrow I will try to recreate this issue again and verify. Now time to sleep :sleeping:

The tail command is for monitoring the logs so you can see when it stops reporting.