Allocated Download Capacity full and no longer downloading

I have just set up my Raspberry Pi 2 and HD Star receiver. I have a 16 GB SD card. After about 2 days
I see it says 100.0% used (0.00 B available) No files are being downloaded. After looking at Storage it
shows 1.92 GB of 14.83 GB (12.91 GB free). In the receiver settings I have no lock and Zero Bit Rate.
The SD card is new with the latest software downloaded 04-Apr-2016 16:00 66189344
In my settings it shows under my user name Librarian v3.0 / ORxPi 3.0.

When I downloaded the zip file I unzipped it to a new SD card. The manufacture for the SD card is
Patriot. This is my first time experimenting with the Outer net and not sure if I am creating the card

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I have the same issue with Lighthouse.

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This just means that the download capacity is fully utilized unless there is an error shown in the notifications.

That would be the reason for not receiving files.

As I said, it’s not an issue unless you get an error. It just means that the full download capacity is in use.


I am back up and running with a reformatted and reloaded SD card. The real problem appears to be
painters. They are in the process of painting the apartment and probably knocked the dish out of
alignment. I am also using an old DBS 18 inch dish until I can get a larger one. My location is
Southern California. I am seeing a signal of 47, quality of.48, and a bit rate of 90K. Without any fine
adjustment on the mount it was hard to aim and get a decent signal but the 18 in dish was all I
had available for now.

And there I was trying to figure out what part of our receiver or its software could be called ‘painters’. :slight_smile:


Dear sir,
I have stopped downloads, the reciever is locked and recieving, also it reads 0% availed, 600MB allocated. Can you guide on how the downloads resume.

Is your storage device full?

Storage device has enough space.

Need to download MIT OCW course on this link:

How do you know your receiver is not downloading?

hisamullah, my receiver is doing the same exact thing and has not downloaded anything since 7-27-16. I check it daily and it has nothing new on it. If you have found resolve I would like to know what fixed it.

Team, my gut tells me there is a corrupt file in the carousel. My box locked up on a similar file, namely  2016-07-27-23-21-01-075…16-07-27-23-21-01-075115 (100%) Something tells me this file is blowing out ORx until something progresses it. Mine is not moving. I validated 76% Strength with 63% quality on my secondary receiver as well off the same feed. Branko and team any ideas? Is Ku Band abandoned now in favor of L Band?


I have also noticed nothing new coming down the pipe.
Maybe they are busy working out kinks in the system, I can wait.

thanks for the confirmation. I hope that Outnernet has not forgotten the established user base on Ku band. I think the high bandwidth Ku and low bandwidth L band are good complements that both have their place. Best to all… Ruby

@Syed and Outernet team - I know you all are busy with Lantern work right now, but if you could share where Ku band and Lighthouse sit in your plans, I would most appreciate it. I literally got mine working a week ago. I am cautiously optimistic, as I see some of the new documents refer to Lighthouse Mk2, so perhaps there is a new generation of Ku platform in the works. Thanks again for your efforts. Ruby

Sadly, we are deprecating our Ku-band service. We’ll be porting rxOS to Lighthouse at some point, so that the SDR can be used to receive L-band. In the meantime, though, you can always use it for free-to-air satellite tv:

No fix, I have communicated my desire to purchase the L-band kit.