Alot of crc errors

Well I’m getting a ton of crc errors as of late and nothing has changed except for me updating the firmware and I did try repointing the lnb does any one have any ideas of what is causing it my snr is at -15 which makes me think I need a cone/ feed horn but does any one have any good 3d printable ideas or any good ways to make one or know where this issue is coming from?

Can you try adjusting the frequency with the +/- 10 kHz buttons?

looks to have resolved it self over night i am getting no more crc errors looks like i may of had some interference from something but i just don’t know what.

Or not… looks like it was only good for a day @Syed ill try tuning more by 10khz buttons and see what i get

With no cone on a good day I’d get some header errors and CRC errors, other days I couldn’t even get that…
My solution was to cut the bottom off of a red solo cup, wrap the whole thing with aluminum foil, and slap it over the end of the LBN.

It mostly stayed on there on it’s own unless the wind blew…

Eventually I printed out this:

and this

It holds a solo cup decently enough, some hot glue around the edges will definitely be enough to keep it in place.

There are better geometries for a cone than a solo cup, I did measure and plan to print a larger version of it (spiral vase mode no bottom layers) and wrap it in foil to see if that helps at all… but I’ve not gotten around to printing such a thing yet (if your interested the open-scad code is very simple “cylinder(r1=68/2, r2=116/2, h=180, $fn=200);” just the one line and then spiral vase mode should take care of hollowing it out.) Maybe print a second one 1-2% larger (or smaller) on the X/Y axis to act as a cover to protect the foil, and put some sort of edge protector around the stop and bottom…

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Thanks I’ll look in to printing the cone as in already using the mount

Question what helps more for SNR a cone like a funnel or a tube and what purpose does it serve? @Syed

The cone on the inside of the LNB acts as a horn antenna. The general idea of a funnel is to extend the horn antenna and create a wider aperture, which results in higher gain. But since a DIY aluminum foil funnel isn’t really part of the horn antenna, I was told that all it’s doing is blocking noise. For basically no cost at all it does do something (which is pretty impressive at 12 GHz), but I can’t really say which option is more effective. I recall @kenbarbi had a pretty comprehensive review of all of the various extensions that people have used. I just don’t remember which type is most effective.

I think an SNR improvement of 3 is the best case scenario.

I have a similar issue here in europe.
In dashboard the value of “received packets” is perhaps shown in the wrong line under “crc error”.

I am not sure about that. If I copy the values (see below), packets are counting up and crc error is 0.

What’s the truth? Received packets or crc error?

I’m still receiving not much files…in the file tab I see only 2 wikipedia…why?!

Device Information

Hardware Version:2023.01

Firmware Version:1.0.5

IP Address:

Memory Status

Free Heap162.73 KB

Min Free heap110.36 KB

Free SPIram7806.87 KB

SD Card Status

Capacity60430.13 MB

Free60341 MB

Used89.13 MB

CPU Load


LNB Status

LNB enabledYES

LNB in rangeYES

LNB connectedYES

LNB voltage14.0

FREQ offset0

Receiver Status



Receiver Stats


Packets Received1322

CRC Errors0

Header Errors0





Mixing value of “received files” with “crc error” is happening on my smartphone, when website is displayed as “desktop-website” in chrome.

But why I can see so less files after running for weeks?

A new firmware version will be released tomorrow. We think the problem has been resolved.

that is what I am currently doing its hovering around -14 and -13 SNR mostly -14 and a few bumps to -15 but this is with a cone and the best that i can do right now but I am collecting data successfully now even though i am loosing a little bit

current status