Alphasat 25E issues?

Hi everybody,
Since this afternoon I cannot get a frame lock nor a signal lock on Alphasat, although the signal seems to be OK.
Any ideas ?


No completed opak files since Apr 3 06:46:42
However, frame lock is yes here.

Are you also using Alphasat 25E ?

Yes of course

I concur with @pe1chl … I have a code lock but no opacs since 06:46
I hadn’t notice that I had received nothing all day till I looked a minute ago!

Do you guys have code lock or frame lock ?

I have only code lock…

Same here… usually to download files I used to have frame lock…
Am I right that frame lock is what we should have ?

Last file received at 9:30 AM (GMT + 3).
Location: Ilfov, Romania

Any updates from you guys ?
Is there a way to know if Alphasat 25E has a problem or not ?


Do you have a lock at least ?


@Syed - do you have any idea why we only get “Code lock” and no “Frame Lock” ?

I have “code lock” only

I have Frame Lock but maybe it has stuck from before, and would go away when I restart.

Please let us know if it works for you when you restart.

I am not going to restart…

Same here in Germany. No lock, and no files.


looks like a serious problem :frowning:

Sorry about just now commenting. A bit about what happened here.