Android app to find Inmarsat satellites?

I recieved my Alpha lantern today, @Syed

Pointing it in a vaguely south direction yields 5-7dB SNR. Which I’m very happy with.

No files yet, but 1582 packets so I’m sure it’s only a matter of time

Is there an Android app that will help me point it more accurately?

I don’t know about an Android app, but I doubt you’ll be able to get that receiver pointed any better than what you have. 8dB is amazingly high–and that’s inside of an enclosure.

Feel free to take pictures. Most people on the forum have not seen the Alpha2 in the wild.

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Do a search for the Android app Satellite AR.


Will definitely do some pictures…

I actually wrote the above when I was getting <1dB It was just due to a loose pigtail. As soon as that was tightened it was all good…

I’ve now got some news downloaded and some ocean current info…

All looking very good :slight_smile:

Glad to hear it. Any other comments regarding the product?


Last January, Outernet had a post regarding Satellite Director Version 1.52 - - an Android App available from from Frans Nijhuis.

It’s designed for Ku Band satellite pointing, so it is very accurate. It doesn’t have the Intelsat birds in it, so you’ll have to pick the closest Ku band bird. Ken

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Thanks Ken

It’s not an app but I found this page that has the inmarsat ones that I used to point

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