Annoucements, example app for Librarian

Librarian’s first beta release brought to you a new feature: apps. Now, we release the first example app. It’s a simple app for reading announcements made by Outernet staff.

The code for this app is on GitHub so feel free to check it out. The README file contains some general notes on how apps are made, and the main JavaScript file for the app is thoroughly commented to help you understand how it works.

The app itself isn’t exactly feature-packed. It’s mostly a utility app for us to send announcements to users, and a demo of the APIs that are currently implemented.

Here are some screenshots:

How do I use

Also specifying that apps go in


from live runs and for installations it gos in


would be handy in the install guide. I may have missed it in there though.

You just run, and it creates the app zipball in the cwd.

Yeah, I should add that to the docs.