Antenna housing

To put my Outernet antenna (from the DIY kit) outdoor, I ordered a 5m SMA F-M RG316 cable.
Today I have prepared the antenna for outdoor use.
I put the preamp in a very small tinplate box (1.5x4x2.5 cm) carefully soldered around the PCB from 8
pieces of tinplate (I used two pieces for the connector ends so they would fit around the connectors).
I got a “Sistema Sandwich Box”
and drilled a 6mm hole near the corner to fit the SMA female connector (which comes with a long thread
and matching nut), fitted the cable in the hole, put the preamp in the corner with double-sided sticky tape
to fix it, put a similar-sized plastic block in the opposite corner and attached the patch antenna on top of
this with double-sided tape.
It all fits perfectly in this particular box!
Tomorrow I will mount it outside and see if the signal is better than on my window sill.

Sounds nice, can you add some pictures, especially of what you did with the LNA?

I have no camera here, but what I did was cut some small pieces of tinplate to solder a box around
the LNA. I started soldering one side to the available ground pads and worked from there.
Of course being careful not to overheat it.

sounds great :slight_smile:

SNR / RSSI number decrease after placement of antenna into sandwich box?

Toss a bit of hot glue both inside and outside the hole you drilled just for a bit of waterproofing.

Hot Snot, Duct Tape, and Double sided sticky foam. Home prototyping kit in a box!

Shoot a pic or two if you get a chance.


Actually it is better now. That may be for two reasons:

  • I had a 15cm M-F SMA cable between ten LNA and the antenna to be able to do the previous setup
  • it now is probably pointed a bit more accurate
    It has now received 50000 packets with zero errors.

I think it is quite watertight already because of the metal end of the connector being tightly pressed
against the soft plastic of the box. I will try do add some glue but it is not easy, glue normally does not
stick too well on this kind of plastic.

Well as these things always go: after moving the antenna outside so it now has clear sky view instead of
a very slant view through a window, the signal is about 1dB less than it usually was…
I will give it some time, maybe the signal is down because of heavily overcast skies or other reasons.
The decoding still is almost error-free (1 error so far in 1350 packets).

I found I need to relocate it a bit for best results, probably some reflection.
I need to make a fixture for mounting it at the correct angle… at better location I have at least 3dB more