Any data on how to reset dreamcatcher v2.03?

I haven’t found any info in the forums.

I got the system up and running, and receiving the bird. I decided to get clever and change the name and password. Now I am unable to log in except as ‘guest’, which is no help. I assume I mis-keyed a letter on my droid keyboard during the user or pwd entry.

Is there a hardware rest on the PCB? Or another method?

There is a sw_factory button next to the microUSB but not sure its purpose at this point. Could press/release the power button, let it shutdown, take a backup of your SD card, boot it back up and give it a shot. :slight_smile:

Thanks. Alas, that didn’t do anything.

Anyone have a PCB map, what does what?

Not sure which image you’re using, but there is some stuff in /mnt/conf that might help. Not sure where that account is stored just yet, but haven’t dug into it. Its software, so doubt the answer lies in the board itself.

You didn’t happen to change the network settings when on the DREAMCATCHER did ya?

i found this… It might be what you want