Any devices online?

I’ve been busy with various things recently so not been here much. I’d like to have a peek at the latest skylark. Is anyone sharing their device online via or similar?

There was talk of @Syed or @Abhishek putting an ‘official’ one up. Has that happened?

I’ll reflash mine soon. I’m just feeling lazy and want to see what the latest looks like…

We haven’t put one up yet, but you can see another receiver here:


Nice :slight_smile: It’s looking really good…

Really liking the fact the Wikipedia pages are now more topical. Really helps to give insight into world events.

The news is looking great too.

Great to see some Arabic and Chinese too.

I see that the Spanish is no longer coming through? Was there a problem with the feed? Would you be up for adding it back in?

Any others seems to be offline?

yes it seems to be offline :frowning:

Sorry guys, seems my CHIP decided not to renew its IP for some reason. Fixed now! If it happens again I’ll check the logs.

Oh and here is a picture of a Raspberry Pi 3 browsing Outernet and running Golly at the same time. It got a little hot :smiley:

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