Any stations on the Americas beam receiving messages

Are there any stations on the Americas beam currently receiving messages?

I’m not receiving anything here in the USA.

Hi, currently all should be working fine, see the status page:

Maybe you got something not connected right or need to adjust the Antenna/Lnb better :slight_smile:

Receiving messages fine outside of Washington, DC. Ken

My unit is receiving, slowly. According to the Othernet Status page, it is not. It appears that the unit receiving the telemetry from the receivers via the internet is not decoding all the information being sent to it. I have noticed several times lately that it is not reporting accurately.

These screen shots were taken a minute or so ago, 10:25 AM MDT October 1, 2022

Some time ago, Manuel marked my unit “test” so that we could find it easily while we were doing other testing.

currently it shows online fine on the status page, maybe some timing/network issues to the telemetry server from your DC.

I refreshed the status page just before taking the screen shot. I don’t know why the status page would look any different and showing it online, coming off the internet, not the receiver, either at your location or mine.

I just refreshed it again, and now it does show online. This is what I mean, it is reading erratically and not accurately reporting.

This unit is online at

thats exactly what i was thinking about, i think we will need to delay the “mark as offline” thing, noted, don’t know when i get around changing it tho.

Thank you.