Anybody having issues with USB/battery connection?

Help Please, my USB battery connector is just about impossible to get a good connection on. Does anyone know how to make this connection reliable? I spend more time trying to connect this than using the radio.

I have tried 25 different cables and only one seems to work sometimes. The radio works for a while and then just goes off.
I also suspect that the connection between the SDR and the computer may not be connecting properly, but I have not ever come across an iffy USB plug.

I found only SOME decent cables work…
You CAN power it through the pins on the headers.
U13 Pin 2 is CHG-IN and pin 1 is GND
You can apply your 5volts there… You need to ensure you get the right pins though, or you may let the smoke out :slight_smile:

Thank you Neil, is there any way you could tell me how to find the 5 volts to suppply and perhaps through a picture show me which are the correct pins. If I happen to let the smoke out it will take me another 1.5 months to import another one into my country of residence.

there is a full explanation in this thread

Thank you for the heads up Neil I will see if I can get the answers there.