Appears that my old Dreamcatcher 3.03 is dead

I seems that my old Dreamcatcher 3.03 has finally stopped working after all these years. I was showing a little over 20,000,000 valid packets received since last reboot before this happened! It is now receiving packets, but only occasionally gets a lock and downloads a valid packet. I’ve tried a new image/sd card with no improvement. I guess I’ll try again when the Dreamcatcher 5 is available.

Most likely a problem with aging lnb or cable. Double check all connectors as well

Thanks for the suggestion. But my SNR and Rssi are as good or better than they have ever been. I’m still receiving packets continuously, just not valid packets with a lock. I may do some more troubleshooting when I have time.

I had a regular satellite dish once where the lnb cap cracked and a spider found it comfy in there. Her resonance blanked out one specific transponder…