Application Notes: Tuner / Tuner Status

All about Tuner / Tuner Status. Using it to point your antenna, and knowing how well others are receiving the Outernet broadcast(s).

One of the first applications you should know about is the Tuner

As part of the basic setup, you will have used it to align your antenna.

Some Internet connected stations are reporting their status on this status map

What if you wanted some program in your laptop to read your status and collect it for a graph, or if you wanted to send it somewhere. Let me show you how you can do it…

You can read your own DreamCatcher’s status by opening up a web browser to http://(Your DreamCatcher’s IP here)/DIRECT/getTunerStatus

It replies in a JSON format like this:

Admittedly, it’s not very pretty, but everything you see in the status app is there - your SNR, lock status, RSSI, files you are transferring, etc.

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I built a very simple twitter bot that takes this information and posts it on twitter @WA4OSH.

Here’s what it’s posting:
Screenshot at 2018-05-12 07-13-47

Here’s what the Node-RED application looks like:

Node-RED can run on Windows, Mac, Linux, and small computers like Raspberry Pi.
It’s very easy to install and get working. You can customize it to do all sorts of things quickly.

Is this interesting to you? @Syed @Abhishek @zoltan @kenbarbi @ac8dg @tylerhoot @donde @clavo @Phil


Also runs on android :slight_smile:


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Yes - - very! What else can you do with commands like for other reporting? Ken

@Clavo @Ken I posted the get tuner twitter bot flow for Node-RED:

Konrad, WA4OSH


Here’s a quick brain-storm of ideas:

I know we can send a status to an e-mail address.
I know we could build a dashboard web page.
I know we can take readings, gather a history of readings and graph them over time.
I think we can get a notification pop-up using growl.
I know we can talk to MQTT. We should be able to get Node-RED to do all sorts of things.

I’m sure there’s many more things that we can do with this API alone.
–Konrad, WA4OSH

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I’m trying to catch errors in the script. For example what happens when the computer querying the DreamCatcher can’t connect? What if there’s an internal bug of some sort that prevents a good message from being built?

Screenshot at 2018-05-12 18-51-45

–Konrad, WA4OSH

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