Apps and organization on ORxPi

Hi all. I have recently set up an ORxPi - all is working well on Galaxy 19, I’ve been receiving data reliably since yesterday. I have two questions…

  1. I see a lot of json data in the twitter folders in files, and I’ve noticed that the site has a Twitter app to read these. I do not have the app on ORxPi 0.2.8 - is this something that will eventually be delivered, or is there something I need to do to add it?

  2. Content organization and filtering seems to be quite lacking. It’s hard to sort through hundreds of items with nothing but a language filter and choose what goes in the library. Once in the library, while the search feature is great, it’s not very intuitive to browse. Are there plans to improve this?

  1. Yes, you will eventually receive the app.

  2. Yes, we are working on a completely different interface right now.