APRS feed from Skylark 4.4?

Has any of you successfully used the YAAC - Skylark 4.4 combination to track aprs stations on a map? I want to test this when Alphasat gets back online.

I have done it and it works. However, a word of caution: YACC treats the outernet APRS feed as if it is being received from a radio instead of being received from the APRS-IS. That is fine, but DO NOT try to connect YACC to the APRS-IS because you will generate a nasty repeating loop of packets. (A packet gets fed to the APRS-IS which goes out on the outernet feed which gets picked up by YACC and put back on the APRS-IS to start the loop all over again.)

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Thanks @Martin_Nile

Did you try this recently? It seems to me that YAAC is expecting a file called messages-1.html located on the webserver of the DC but Iā€™m not able to locate this file via http. I know you can read the messages-[date/time].txt files via ftp but I guess we need to talk to the author of YAAC to solve this.

Maybe @Seasalt have found a solution?

BTW: Thanks for the warning about the APRS-IS loop!