APRS Spamming Messages

Is there a certain reason why some some find a need to spam the crap out of the APRS downlink?

It’s pretty obvious who I’m talking about if you look at Messages.

How about some general etiquette here people?

We don’t need 10 minute updates on static locations.

Testing your gear? Great. Moving around a lot and logging a trip? Great.


Do you realize this requires some of us to sort through pages of logs to find something?

So, Why do some (currently one) find the need to spam every 10 minutes???



Oh, my bad!


It’s not you.

I’m in there also. I’ve been testing it out, first with a few messages, then I left aprsdroid running. Not much aprs where I live. I’m about 2.5hrs from any town with activity. About to commission a solar aprs digipeater, so that way I could have an alternate digital comm, if/ when we lose power.

Sure, me too… My gripe is the flooding of messages by one user… It makes browsing logs a pain when you have to look page by page. I see no need why someone would need to push messages every 10 minutes unless logging tracks or something.

As more people use the function even more people may push hundred of waypoint tracking updates.

Maybe in the future they code in an option or filter / trigger hint hint :slight_smile: @Abhishek @zoltan

Possibly an popup window with a beep or something when it receives a message sent to your callsign, or contains any trigger words for that matter. Or maybe a split window with an area just showing messages that match your filter?

My linux is rusty, butI assume if one were to SSH in by shell you could use linux commands like ‘last’ and ‘grep’ to do a similar thing… If I could find the log file for these APRS messages and they are in plain text.